Where To Buy Souvenirs in Istanbul ?


We will show you where you can buy different type of souvenirs such as turkish coffee cups, turkish tea glasses, pashminas and everything for your house for the most affordable prices.

For example many tourist and travellers when they come to Turkey they usually think that buying inside the Grand Bazaar is the best option and the cheapest one.

But is this idea true? So let’s check it out. So finally we have arrived to the place where we can see many of those stores where many of the locals come and buy their things for their house such as home decor, turkish coffee cups, for the tea, everything even clothes. So basically if you are going to Grand Bazaar you will find many things even most of the things are here in these stores but of course when you are buying there even if you are bargaining, the prices won’t even reach their original prices. Of course because it’s a very touristic place.

Even many of those stores inside the Grand Bazaar they come and buy those things here in these nearby stores and they resell them 3 or even 4 times more than their original prices. So we will keep showing you around through all these stores and you can criticize on your own.You will have two options if you want to buy inside the Grand Bazaar or in these stores which they are just couple of meters away from the Grand Bazaar. At this store called Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi you’ll find the best fresh turkish coffee. This was the very first company to sell roasted and ground coffee to the public in 1871. It’s located right next to one of the enterances of the Spice Bazaar and all the nearby streets smell as fresh coffee.

Right away we’ll know we are close to this store. So don’t miss the chance and buy this coffee to take the flavours of Turkey back home with you. These are all the stores and local markets located in Eminönü where you can find beautiful things for affordable prices. There are many shops with different articles and it is a big area just walk around and you’ll find many interesting places to buy things at.

How much are those ones? 75 liras. Those are very nice. For example when it comes to these bags, these ones inside the Grand Bazaar and even at the stores inside the Topkapı Palace, these ones are 350 liras each piece but here we found them for 135 liras 135 liras and these one are like less of the price than they cost inside the Grand Bazaar. This one is 120 liras. So these ones are cheaper and this store is just outside the Spice Bazaar.

For example, these ones are 40 liras each but these ones inside the Grand Bazaar, yesterday when we were asking they were even asking almost for 100 liras a piece. So at this store, this is a few minutes away from Grand Bazaar and they even produce them here so these are totally made in Turkey and 40 liras. All of these as you can see. So we have finally checked all the prices of all the products they have here. Great great prices compared to the Grand Bazaar.

I mean here is very cheap plus they are producers so that’s the best part. When you come to Istanbul and if you want to buy things to take back home with you you have to options:

Number one: The Grand Bazaar but you will have to pay a much higher price for all the things you will buy in there.

Number two: you can go the nearby streets or the local stores just a couple of minutes away from the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar and of course you will save a lot of money there.