TOP traditional Ukrainian food


hi guys my name is jack lini my article talks about the top 10 traditional Ukrainian dishes.

today we will try both sour varenyky halogens varnish Cernik and many other delicious tea Ukrainian cuisine is tasty and really substantial it is 9m and we will have our breakfast at chicken Kyiv.

I will start my day with the delicious Ukrainian chefs they are made cottage cheese flour egg and sugar finish light and airy their usual result is a supreme gem or honey-like now so let’s start guys in this place one is the best certain can kill it is true she’s very nice many very funny huh we order this chicken Kyiv it is very popular the Korean dish.

it is combination of chicken fillets stuffed with butter and coated with breadcrumbs it’s validation is a rule chicken Kiev is served with potato and salad we must do this with butter it’s very very difficult guys if you will be in kill you must try this amazing dish chicken kill this is one of the best one of the popular not only Ukrainian he one dish if you want to find best Ukrainian Sooners please visit this place thank you now we will go to another restaurant to have lunch.

there we’ll try Ukrainian borscht in a cabbage holidays holla death is the cold snakes made of meat it is really delicious and unusual this is special dish my mom made amazing holidays let’s try this and compare you should try it with mustard or horseradish and I recommend you eat it with bread mmm this is how yes from here and cousin very delicious.

guys I recommend you salad Salah is a traditional Ukrainian snack it is an important part of Ukrainian down on itself my grandpa saw my David Sawa my brother from Germany it’s sour my sister in New York true itself so take a piece of bread and put some Sala on it and then enjoy it this external delicious borscht is a traditional Ukrainian bitch there are a lot of kinds on board here for short in the cabbage and this borscht very delicious this is compostable bread with garlic this is so pretty I recommend you to do one word steer we try balance varnish is also our traditional dish from west of Ukraine it is Porsche with gorgeous we can also add mushrooms or fried pork to the porridge this one is well done so this dish means very substantial ;

this will be nice main course Drowsy rasa or potato spheres potatoes fierce with fried sweetbreads real brain and forest mushroom bake it in cow fat this some sauce like supreme but it’s not so pretty mmm very delicious Anton I say one pieces for you if you or your friends want to try new Ukrainian cuisine you should definitely visit Austin Americana this restaurant is located on Maidan scrap if you want to get inside you should say border this cup of water adds entrance let’s try but it is the poverty hi would you like a little tour around other place yes Alvarez from Eastern because we have some collection of arguments related with sweet historical parrots in the independence it my politics;

but first of all I want to tell you some information about this unusual aha why usual because it is a symbol of the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union and here we have 72 tents which symbolize 72 years of Ukrainians of utter solitude ok and now we’re going to destroy this wall please huh in our Ukrainian tradesmen gastronomic space where you can see for yourself red puppets embroidered by Ukrainian masters as a symbol of the revolution of dignity in Ukraine 1050 2014 guys this is nice place very interesting and I think very very tasty very intimate very or dampened with different units you can try but in eg with potato also crop or cherry or some meat they’re usually short with butter or fried onion or like this, for example,

supreme this is sampling somebody with cherry and of course homemade fried sausage with onion boom my grandmother was made the wizard on my fried sausage whose var is the traditional Ukrainian Village put it with dried fruit and berries after your delicious dinner I recommend you to try Ukrainian craft beer for example this American umbrella in their house semi dark top fermented beer rich amber colored beer with pronounce it hops bitterness boom oh so guys as you can see Ukrainian cuisine is the worst and really delicious come and try it I am sure you are like other traditional Jews