A Day in Istanbul with 10 USD


When traveling to another country we are always wondering how expensive or cheap one destination is and this is why in this video we are going to show you what we can do in Istanbul with only 10 US dollars because this destination it could be as cheap as you want or as expensive as you wish.

Since many visitors think that Istanbul is a very expensive city to travel to but the reality is very different, so today we will discover all together what we can do with only 10 US dollars and in this price we will include food, transportation and sightseeing. Of course we’re hungry and we’ll start our day with some little breakfast.

So if you want to save money but at the same time if you want to eat as a local then you can buy these other bread which is called « Açma » as well you can choose the « Simit » but this time we try to do something different. This one each piece cost only two liras so you will have a good breakfast for only four liras so we still have about 51 liras left for the rest of our day. You can just sit somewhere and keep going. Our first stop will be Sultanahmet square and unfortunately we won’t be able to visit the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and some other places in this area because they charge money to enter and if you want to know how much is a fee for each one of these places then we invite you to check out our other video where we are speaking about that. We will leave the link below here in the description box. Now we will start with the Blue Mosque because the Blue Mosque yes it is free so we will go check it out and this is our first place we will be visiting.

We’re finally here in Sultanahmet Mosque also known as the Blue Mosque unfortunately for the past three years it has been on the restoration and this is why mostly from the outside and the inside it’s covered so we won’t be able to see as much as we really wanted but still if you come to Istanbul this is a place that you must come and see. In this area which is just next to the Blue Mosque we’ll be able to see the German fountain, the Egyptian Obelisk, The Serpent Column and the Obelisk of Theodosius. This is another place which is not often frequented by tourists and therefore is mostly empty and this is a cistern called Şerefiye situated just a couple of minutes away from Sultan Ahmed Square.

It’s totally free to enter and the museum is open to visitors between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. except Saturday when it closes at 3 p.m. Right after the cistern we came to the Grand Bazaar where we will just walk take lots of pictures and experience the second biggest and oldest covered market in the world. Don’t forget that this Bazaar is closed on Sundays. A visit to the Spice Bazaar or Egyptian Bazaar is a must and here you can find exotic spices, teas, turkish delights and much more. We already got hungry so now this is the perfect time to come and grab something to eat like some lunch so we have come to this place called a Balkan Lokantası and this is a very affordable place here in Istanbul where you mostly will try local food and for all these dishes, a soup, chicken and rice and some dessert we paid only 13 liras so you can have a very full good meal for only 13 liras.

Now we are here at the Galata Tower and remember that to enter to this place they charge 25 liras per person for every tourist. Now since we only have 10 dollars to spend in one day here in Istanbul we will give you the option to go to another cafe and have similar views that you might have on top of the Galata Tower and there we can have a çay or tea for only to between 2 and 4 liras and we will enjoy from beautiful views so we will show you that place right now. This is the place we were talking about that you can have very wonderful views as well from from the old part of Istanbul and also the Asian side. So this place as you can see behind me, we have the Galata Tower and in the surroundings we have wonderful views and this one is one little cafe which is just a couple of meters away from the Galata Tower and this one is called a Konak cafe.

Here the tea before I mentioned it was between two and four liras but here in this place now it raised the price. Now the tea is 8 liras, but it doesn’t matter still it’s an affordable price and you can have like the same views and you can enjoy, you can take a rest as well after walking during all the morning and everything so you can enjoy and here is my tea and afiyet olsun. Now what we are going to do is we will cross the Asian side and we know that in Istanbul also it is very famous taking the Bosphorus tour but for the Bosphorus tour of course we have to pay a price and that price ranges between 25 and 30 liras depending on the duration and the company you are taking it from. Now if you want to take as well some sort of Bosphorus tour but as a local then we will do something else.

We will cross from Eminönü to Üsküdar which is on the Asian side of Istanbul and we will take the local transportation this means the ferry and as well over there we will show you another place that we really love going to especially for the sunsets. If you want to make your trip more enjoyable and unique then don’t forget to buy Simit to feed the seagulls during your ferry ride. Of course after walking through all these areas through the old town and then Taksim them and then coming all the way to Üsküdar of course we need something to eat. In this case we’ll have dinner and this is a place near Üsküdar port so what I order and this is very cheap and affordable it’s a pide with some döner inside as I show you here and also my ayran which is a traditional drink here in Turkey.

This ayran was for 4,50 liras and this one was only 14 liras. So as you can see we can have a good meal for a very affordable price. One of the best places to see the sunset in the city is in Üsküdar near the Maidens Tower where you can take a walk along the seaside and then sit at any of the little cafes to enjoy those beautiful views from the city. As you can see this has been the itinerary we have prepared for one day of how to survive with only 10 us dollars here in Istanbul.

As you can see Istanbul is a low budget destination and we can do many many things including transportation foods and sightseeing with a with a low budget so we already have 6 liras left but those liras will be for our way back to our hotel or Airbnb to the area we are staying at. You have to consider that you have to take one more ferry which is 2.60 liras and in case you’re staying either in Taksim or Sultanahmet, you can walk or take the tram.