Princes Islands, ISTANBUL


The ferries to the Princes’ Islands can be mainly taken from Emınönü, Beşiktaş, or Kabataş ports on the European side of Istanbul or from Kadıköy and Bostancı on the Asian side.

The ticket per person costs only 5 Turkish Liras and it can be payed with the IstanbulKart don’t forget that we already have in our channel a video about that how to buy and where to buy the IstanbulKart and how to top it up, as well most of the tourists can take the ferries from Emınönü and it would take about an hour and a half to arrive you can choose what other island you would like to visit besides this one which is Büyükada since all of them are just next to each other but this one is the biggest one from all of them.

These islands have a fascinating history because during the Byzantine era these islands were the place of exile for several Byzantine Empresses, as well there are many historical buildings on Büyükada such as a Greek Orthodox Church called Hagia Yorgi or the Hamidiye mosque built by Abdul Hamid II in which we will be showing you around in a little bit. For the first half of the 20th century these islands were popular among prosperous Turks, Greeks, Jews and Armenians.

We have finally rented our bicycles and we found a place where we got them for 15 Liras each so in total for two bicycles we paid 30 liras in total so just make sure when you go to any place which by the way there are plenty of places where you can rent a bicycle make sure to negotiate the price first because generally they are in between 15 Liras to 20 Liras daily per bicycle but this person at the beginning he wanted to give us each for 30 Liras so we negotiated it and at the end he left he left them for 15 liras here in the island you won’t find any cars or taxis to move around we will only have the these bicycles and as you saw behind me we also have these horse carriages but please for obvious reasons don’t use them.

I mean because they are in a bad condition so if you want you can rent a bicycle you can take a walk here and the islands are very good for walking or instead of you cannot walk for a long time you can also rent thıs sort of electric bicycles and some people will take you to the places you would like to go. Within the island we’ll see gorgeous spots to look at and one example of these are these beautiful wooden houses built in the middle of 19th century which are often photographed by most of the visitors.

Here in the islands there are many hills and everything so as you can see it’s pretty hard to go up on the bike so just get off of the bike and just keep keep keep walking right now we are almost at the end so they say up there there are many beautiful views from Istanbul and the islands and the Marmara Sea so we will keep showing you in a little bit.

On our way up to the hill we found this very nice place which is a park and apparently it has very nice and beautiful views from the from the Sea of Marmara and Istanbul the only thing is that they charge seven Liras per person but it doesn’t matter if you if you are riding a bike or even walking surely you will need to have a rest so this will be a very nice place to come and do it.

Now we are almost reaching one of the tallest hills here in Büyükada and up there we have a wonderful views from some of the other islands and as well we want to show you one one a church that we have up there the church’s name is Aya Yorgi and it’s wonderful so we would like to show you up there but for that before coming here because it’s still one kilometer away and as you can see.

I mean there are many hills so we couldn’t go up there with our bikes so for that if you are riding a bike here just leave it in this place just behind me and you can park it there if you don’t have a lock because we didn’t have it either don’t worry I mean they will provide you with one and per bicycle they will charge you only two Liras and whenever you come back you can pay or in advance no problem so we are going up there right now and we will show you in a little bit. The Aya Yorgi church sits on the top of the highest peak of the island called Yücetepe. The hill is a site of a tradition every 23 of April when pilgrims make their way to Aya Yorgi church.

Now we will we would like to show you this beautiful place and you will find it very easily when you come to this Aya Yorgi Church and as you can see behind me look at these views we have right now we can see some of the other Princes’ Islands and also part of of the Asian side of Istanbul these views are just breathtaking so yes it’ll be a hard walk because it’s you have to go all up to the hıll it’s about one kilometer from where we left the bikes but it’s totally worth it I mean you won’t get disappointed just please this is to make conscience and you know people when you come here please if you’re drinking water cookies or I don’t know whatever put your trash away take all the trash away you have no idea how much trash we have found here.