Going to Pierre Loti area from the most touristic areas such as Sultanahmet or Taksim is easy and reachable. From the Eminonu main bus stop you can take any of these bus numbers, then you have to get off in the bus Stop called Teleferik Pierre loti or from Taksim you can also take a bus number 55T and then get off in the bus stop called Eyüp Sultan.

The cable-car per person is a bit less than 3 Turkish Liras Which is the same price any other of the public transportation in the city and the ride lasts about two minutes. Remember that the cable car can be paid with the special card for the public transportation in Istanbul which is called IstanbulKart and for that we already have a video about it.

You can also find the video’s link in the description box. This hill was named as Pierre loti after the famous French writer who used to live in the city and settled in this neighborhood of Istanbul. Here he used to write his novel « Aziyade » overlooking the Golden Horn The outstanding views we have from the Golden Horn are unique and this is why many tourists come to this place especially during the sunset.

On the top of the hill we can find some restaurants where we can delight a Turkish coffee or tea while admiring the views. Also a hotel can be found here and to those Nargile fans also there is a good place for it. In this place we can also find the Eyüp Sultan cemetery which is one of the oldest and largest ones in the city and where we can see tons of many important characters of the past.

This is a very nice place to come and see the beautiful views that we can have from Istanbul especially from the famous Golden Horn I totally recommend coming to this place either very early in the morning So that way you can take the cable car which comes a all the way up here because going up on your own by foot, it can be a bit exhausting especially during the summer So if you come here just do it very early in the morning. We arrive here today, it is a sunday so we are right here around 10 a.m. and it was already a bit crowded We had to wait in line about 10-15 minutes to get in the cable car and right now we just drank a coffee, tea and everything and right now we are going down by foot so here you will enjoy a lot.

It was the first mosque built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1458. In 1800 the mosque was rebuild by Sultan Selim III after a big earthquake. Another place to visit next to the mosque is the tomb of Eyup Sultan who was a person who hosted the Prophet Muhammed in his house during his journey from Mecca to Medina becoming later on the prophet’s companion and standard bearer and who died outside the city walls in the year 670 during some Arab attacks. As well some of the Prophet Muhammad’s personal belongings are preserved here.

After goign up to Pierre Loti Hill now we have decided to come to this place which actually this is one of our favorite places in here every time we come to Eyüp Sultan neighborhood and this turkish traditional dish is called Güveç. So this is some sort of pide You will really enjoy it. Actually before I used to live around this area so every weekend or something we used to come here So if you would like to try something different here in Eyüp Sultan, we definitely recommend you coming here.

Walking through this holy place is a nice and different experience market selling religious things among souvenirs can be seen also photogenic old ottoman houses can be found and to those photograph lovers this is a great place to take amazing pictures also during the Ramadan period this is a great place If you really want to experience something different and something unique which is much more local and we can see many pilgrims coming from other cities of Turkey and even from other parts in Istanbul.

After finishing your walking tour through Eyüp Sultan area We would like to recommend you as well going to Miniatürk Which is a very interesting place that you can go look around and right now we will show you how you can get there from from this area If you want to come to Miniatürk right after Eyüp Sultan Then we totally recommend you taking one of the gondolas that we have just across the Eyüp main area You will see there one a ferry station So you just have to go there.

You have three options to come here you can take a bus, but you have to transfer two or three times which is longer and it might be a bit more difficult for the tourists and maybe you may get lost The second one is that you can take a ferry there, but it doesn’t depart that often So that’s why you have to wait minimum half an hour or even one hour but we have found another way.

There are some a little gondolas as the one that we have right behind me and those ones they will take you there just directly to Miniatürk for 35 liras per gondola. It doesn’t matter how many people are going there It just 35 liras per gondola or you can take another one which costs only 2, 50 liras per person and they will just cross you through the Golden Horn and then from here, we will take another bus.