What to Eat in Marrakesh


the mood here is absolutely buzzing there’s so much happening around right now there are people here with charming Cobras people are fishing coke bottles there’s henna tattoos here and I can not mention the amount of food which is just surrounding us right now.

So there’s this place is filled with a smoke of barbecues and the aroma of spices we’re gonna try some food here I’m gonna share with you right now let’s go check it out shortly after we visited the Medina a giant storm swept through and we died for cover it lasted for over an hour we had to wait before we could find some more so we’ve got these these fried breads and they’re caught in the Semin and it tastes exactly like Chinese shalat cakes.

So what it is is just flour water sugar mixed in with some onions and then pan-fried on on a barbecue but it’s absolutely so delicious it’s a very simple simple carbohydrate but the combination of the of the wheat flour and the onions and the oil makes it absolutely just delicious I’m dipping it into this this soup that we had a bit earlier on the lentil and chickpea soup with tomatoes we’ve just been caught in a giant store and this is just so comforting it’s and delicious.

So that first my sermon was so good we decided to get a second one but this one with honey this is honey miel a miss lemon this is so hot this one but they’re basically the same thing without the onions obviously and then later with delicious delicious honey that is magical that’s so nice and just crispy oily and sweet hey guys when I check out this restaurant now shares veg granny which is an open open fire grill restaurant world famous in Marrakech let’s go check it out this place is very popular with locals which is always a good sign but also it’s very popular with tourists as well.

So that’s a double whammy for us now we’ve got three grilled meats today we have those sausages some lamb chops and these little minced meatballs and what they also give you is this current amount of puree with parsley and lemon-juice and we’ve got some fries as well and on top of all this I’ve got this special very special chilli sauce I’ve never tried before you can see the deep red flavor but also it’s got preserved lemons in it so that’s a very very unique case serious kick to that too they’ve given us some salt which I put on coarse salt nice but the piece de resistance is the cumin let’s give this a crack just straight up the minced meat ball it’s pretty just no.

I wouldn’t call it bland but it doesn’t have strong flavors that human definitely helped them so that salt but it’s really really got that car grill flavor once you have the smoke adds a new dimension let’s add the tomato and the chili I’d really really good let’s try this the Lambchop again hmm really turned up and really soft not dry it off that’s amazing that cha group driver for that punch from the chili as well as the lightness from the this tomato puree is just wonderful funnily sausage really mild flavor again we can definitely taste the flavor of the lamb in there which is really nice I’m sure they imagine no so good there’s a reason there’s a reason why this place is known its coach says fish quani in Marrakesh it’s absolutely amazing all right guys we just came back from the Suk’s of Marrakech.

The souk is the traditional market so in Asia you have the wet market here you have the silks and it’s kind of everything into mingle together you’ve got your yeah butcher’s with your with your fishmonger with your souvenir shop it’s all mingle together you buy the spices from one store and your coffee from that man then the next door you might want to buy some plain so everything is mingled together super super high-energy very friendly Marrakech is so friendly the people here but what we got today is some special treats these the local pastries and they’re fascinating because they’re so European they’re so middle-eastern.

So you can see in these pastries the confluence of of cultures that have come to Morocco and establish themselves here so here you’ve got these traditional pastries and you know you you would find these in Portugal or Spain or or maybe even Lebanon and and you can just see that it’s just it’s all here or in the food now which is what I love about food wherever you go in the world so anyways enough talk let’s give this a crack so this one books are amazing I’m not sure what it is but it’s red and it’s got nuts on the outside I don’t know if it’s coconut coconut tonight a very big thing here anyways let’s give this a try what’s really interesting though the residue some sort of jam fruit jam there’s definitely a pace of rosewater in map.

I think what it is actually it’s an almond meal cookie oh really nice yeah that that kick of of rosewater it was really nice and the cherry jam I assume it’s cherry jam really makes it look invisible I want to eat all of them but I won’t another another little specialty that I bought today this little melon it looks like a rock melon smells like a honeydew so I’m not sure what it is it’s tiny we got two of these for fifteen Durham’s which works out to be about two dollars to US dollars so we’re gonna crack this open right now oh yes look it’s like a honeydew it looks like a rock melon.