Cellulite EMS Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Use EMS with Massage Pads

There are 5 modes for EMS functions, people can choose any one according to your feeling.

Suggest to stick pads according to the map (use the manual), there are six functions: tightening the belly,

Tightening of the hips, beauty of the belly, beauty of the skin, reduction of the weight.

1. Clean the treatment area of ​​your body.

2. Connect one end of the EMS wire to the pads and the other end to the unit.

3. Remove the protective films from the pads, and then glue the pads to the treatment area. Do not cover both pads.

4. Make sure the EMS intensity is at level 0.

5. Turn on, press the EMS button, select an appropriate EMS level on the right side of the body of the device.

6. Reset the EMS intensity level to 0 each time after use.

7. Two buffers must be used together at the same time.

Package Includes:

1 x slimming massager EMS

4 x EMS Contact Pads

1 x Lead Wire

1 x AC adapter

1x English User Manual


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